There are times when we need to leave the past behind and begin to build a new future. This course is for people in that situation. In four short but intensive days we explore:


  • How our emotions – positive or negative – can assist us or inhibit us

  • How life has made us who we are

  • Understanding responsibility, past choices and those we face now

  • Overcoming the issues that have blocked us in the past

  • Recognising our strengths and how to use them to build a positive future


This is an intensive, experiential training that deepens participants understanding of themselves, their past and their motivations.


It is suitable for anyone who is willing to participate actively, who is ready to look deeply into their life, and who is keen to make positive changes. The group may be made up of individuals or members of a group or community.


This programme has been offered as a stepping stone for people who have been homeless, to ex-offenders wanting to rebuild their lives, and used as an induction course for peer-mentors in a trauma-recovery community.

'An inspiring, creative and healing safe space with respect.'

'It has changed the way I think about things; I deal with my problems as they come up, and control my emotions instead of letting them control me.’

'I'm happier, I'm more relaxed and I feel able to cope.'

'It has allowed me to be cleansed of my pain.' 

'It felt like the course had been designed just for me.'