'Not just a mentor and coach - more of a shadow!!'


'Peter has an uncanny ability to deconstruct a person in the most positive way. He can use silence most effectively, ensuring that it is down to the individual to discover for themselves where the path to self improvement may lie. Great listener, always very engaged.'


'Peter is a storyteller and shaman who is able to draw people into his story. Within the story they find permission to say the unsayable and hear the unhearable both from themselves and their colleagues.'


'Peter has a deep insightful view of how large corporations do and don't function and can apply this knowledge at an individual level to great effect.'

'Peter is absolutely unique. He is a broad, deep, out-of-the-box thinker who challenges the status quo relentlessly and yet with sensitivity.'


Peter's initial curiosity about training began a long time ago when he was seeking to reduce his best mile time! Since then he has been training and developing first himself, then other people and organisations, for more than fifty years. In that time he has seen many methods, systems and philosophies come and go  and some come back again.


With age he has consolidated his wide-ranging experiences into a deep understanding this allows him to provide others with a foundation for personal fulfilment that goes beyond fads and fashions, and is based on timeless principles.


Peter set up the Neall Scott Partnership with his wife Lucinda, so he could bring those principles to bear on his own and others' lives for their mutual benefit. His courses and coaching programmes draw on his professional experience as a teacher in Liverpool, as a shipyard Health and Safety Inspector, as a founder of UK telemarketing, and as a senior manager in two of the UK's larger retail chains.


These experiences have been paralleled by his own long search for meaning that has drawn him to study the history of ancient England, giving him an awareness of the struggles between belief systems and old stories; to undertake a pilgrimage to Santiago, seeking the deep inner workings of true satisfaction; and to seek understanding of the proper role for men today in a society that has changed beyond imaginings since he began his questioning.


Consequently his sessions are rich in information, richer in experience, and focussed on practical tools that can be directly applied to daily life. As one French client succinctly put it, "He is an inspiration".


Peter's current area of attention is working with people who have drawn a short straw in life’s lottery, assisting them to move toward their hearts’ desires in solid, practical ways. He has also become a sought-after celebrant for those who want meaningful but non-religious burials and rituals.   


In summary he is a practical idealist.


'Peter gets people to wake up and confront the facts and issues, and look over the abyss and see what's really there.'


'He is adept at giving a manageable and deliverable way forward.'