We are social creatures, we learn best from others.

That means that at times of change, at times of growth and at times of difficulty the presence of a guide, coach or mentor who has made the journey before us can help us to navigate the current situation more effectively than if we were to try and get through by trial and error.

When coaching and mentoring, Peter and Lucinda take time to understand the client, to learn about their strengths, their character, their dreams and their challenges, sometimes finding out more about them than they are aware of themselves.

They then use a whole range of interpersonal tools to equip their client to deal with their current challenges in a way that leaves them stronger and more able. These tools may be as simple as a short one-off conversation or as involved as a two or three month programme.


Lucinda and Peter believe that every person is unique and capable, and so each coaching session is aimed at drawing out the best in that individual and giving them the skills they need at that particular time.

‘I want to thank you for the help you gave me. Before I had only been told what I was doing wrong. You were the first person who told me what I was doing that worked and helped me develop my own style. That has given me tremendous confidence.’


'Different to other trainings that are standard or off-the-shelf.'


'In all my dealings with the Neall Scott Partnership the opportunity has arisen to see myself as others see me and not as I view myself. There are many lessons to be learned from that viewpoint and the chance to explore these should not be passed up.’


‘Working with the Neall Scott Partnership was a profound experience. As a team we have communicated more, worked more closely together and understood one another more.'


‘Your unique approach has been useful in reminding us how much we can achieve and what practically we have to do ourselves.’


‘The Neall Scott Partnership enabled us to turn a group of talented, hard-working individuals who didn't always see eye to eye, into a focussed team with a common objective and an appreciation of one another's differences and qualities.’