Lucinda Neall’s first book Bringing the Best out in Boys – Communication Strategies for Teachers was published by Hawthorn Press in 2002 and aimed at teachers, Hawthorn’s natural readership. It was warmly received and she was invited to give courses in schools all over the UK, often working with teachers in the day and parents in the evening. Finding that parents wanted their own book about exploring boys’ motivation, Lucinda adapted the book to their needs – and then couldn’t find a publisher!


Fortunately this coincided with the advent of print-on-demand books, so Lucinda set about publishing About Our Boys herself. It was a steep learning curve going from writing to designing and layout. Having published her own book she realised there were other authors that needed help to get their work to print, so she decided to set up as a micro-publisher and Leaping Boy Publications was born.


The logo for Leaping Boy Publications came from a reimagined image that seemed to encapsulate the energy of boys. The name was not consciously a descriptor of her son, who of course provoked her interest in how boys tick, but describes perfectly the teenager who when locked out of the house jumped from the picnic table into his bedroom window and has since gone on to become a circus artist!

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