Peter and Lucinda Neall set up the Neall Scott Partnership to pass on their understanding of how people can work happily and effectively together. They have trained and coached people across Europe at every level – directors, managers and staff – in areas described as 'soft skills' such as motivation, improved communication, inspirational leadership and effective teamwork. Anyone who has worked in these areas knows such skills are anything but ‘soft’ and to do them well demands the whole of one’s character.  


Both Peter and Lucinda know that there is no single 'right way' of doing things, so offer tools, principles and practical guidance to help individuals, teams and organisations to perform at their best. They recognise that time is precious and so design intensive programmes where participants gain a practical understanding of themselves and the subject in a short space of time.


The Neall Scott Partnership logo is based on the rune of transformation – Dagaz.

'As a result of your work with our senior team we grew from 750K to 3.5 million.'


'Lucinda and Peter have wonderfully complementary skills, which are used to great effect to drive creative and focussed solutions that go to the root of the issue.'


'Working with the Neall Scott Partnership allows me to refocus, feel rejuvenated, inspired and eager to take a leadership stance that will make a difference. They encourage me to dream, to have courage and to believe.’


'Remedies that are incredibly perceptive and far reaching.'